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Dylan Thompson won his fourth club championship this past weekend. It was also his third consecutive title. He won by one shot over runner up Aaron Maynor. Andy Andrews was the first net winner in the championship flight. Roy Thompson won the second flight with Richard Coleman taking third and Barry Leonard winning first net. Ronnie Cox won the second flight with Tom Lee coming in second. Evan Davenport won first net. The Senior Divison club championship was won by David Morris. Jack Thompson was runner up in the Senior Championship flight  with JT Powers winning first net. The Senior first flight was won by Carey Pittman, who also was first net. Mike Gandley came in second place. Senior second flight was won by Jasper Jackson with Ken Spangler taking second. aaron Ostrander won first net.

Tim Moore and Rick Rogers won this week's Senior Shoot Out in a play off with Bob Antone and John Haskins. Ricky Hamilton and Jerry Stubbs won the second flight with Michael Graham and Lee Hunt taking second. Richard Lowry and Wayne Cummings won the third flight with Al Almond and Monte Herring coming ion second. Gene Harrison and Jimmy Waddell won the fourth flight with Richard Moore and Ray Locklear coming in second. Greg Canady, Lindsey Locklear, John Haskins, and Bob Antone were closest to the pin winners.

The next Senior Shoot Out will be played on Tuesday morning with a nine am shot gun start.

The next Thursday Evening Scramble tournament will be played this Thursday, July 25 with a 6 pm shot gun start. This is a four person captain's choice format with an entry fee of $15 for members and $20 for non-members. A meal will be served after play. Call the pro shop at 910-628-9931 for more information and to sign up.

Top rounds posted this week include:
Aaron Maynor - 68
Dylan Thompson - 69
Ricky Marvin - 69
Mitch Grier - 69
Donald Arnette - 69
Andy Andrews - 69
David Sessions - 70
Butch Lennon - 71
David Morris - 72
Ricky Hamilton - 72
James Thompson - 73
Roy Thompson - 73
Brook Gehrke - 73
Dallas Arnette - 73
Bill Link - 74
Carey Pittman - 75
Kevin Davis - 75
Richard Coleman - 75
Jack Thompson - 75
Bert Thomas - 76
Mike Gandley - 76
Kinly Williamson - 79