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May 22

Tommy Lowry and James Smith won this weeks Senior Shoot Out. Rick Rogers and Tim Moore were the runners up, followed by Vincent Chavis and Delton Burns who took third place. Richard Moore and Ray Locklear were the winners of the second flight, Jerry Jolly and Donald Barnes came in second, and Clifton Rich and Gene Brumbles coming in third. Jimmy Waddell and Ray Locklear were the closest to the pin winners.

This weeks Senior Shoot Out will be at Fairmont Golf Club on Thursday at 9 am.

Mark Madden, Danny Lassiter, Matt Lassiter, and Eddie Williams won this weeks Thursday evening nine hole scramble. They won on a play off with Evan Davenport, Jackie Davenport, Abdul Ghaffer, and Bobbie Ghaffer. Tom Jones, Melvin Rogers, Percy Hill, and Ted Williams were the Most Creative team. Kelly Johnson and D

Danny Lassiter were the closest to the pin winners.

The Thursday Evening Scramble will take place on the first and third Thursday of each month. The next scramble will be played on Thursday, June 7, with a 6 pm shot gun start. Please call the pro shop at 910-628-9931 to sign up.
Top rounds posted this week include:
David Sessions - 68
Jimmy Stone - 71
Kevin Davis - 71
Danny Lassiter - 72
Mike Connor - 72
Mike Gandley - 73
Mitch Grier - 73
Eddie Williams - 73
Tommy Davis - 73
Dennis Andrews - 74
Sean Morrow - 75
Barry Leonard - 75
JT Powers - 75
Bert Thomas - 75
Korey Deese - 77
Wil Jones - 79