Tommy Lowry and James Smith were the winners of this weeks Senior  Shoot Out . David Hunt and David Locklear took second place. Delton Burns and Ron Polston won the second flight, with Tim Locklear coming in second place. Delton Burns and Richard Moore were closest to the pin winners.

The next Senior Shoot Out will be played on Tuesday, with a 10 am shot gun start.

Leonard Hall, Steve Daniels, Art Sweeney, and M. Thunderbird won the St James Celebrity Tournament.

Top rounds posted this week include:
Aaron Maynor - 68
Mitch Grier - 71
Bill Link - 71
Carey Pittman - 74
Jimmy Stone - 74
Eddie Williams - 75
Barry Leonard - 76
TimMoore - 76
Robert Lawson - 76
Ronald Moore - 76

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